Full-Stack Monitoring and AIOps

Observe and automate everything across the enterprise in a single, unified dashboard — from wherever you happen to be.

Deep Visibility Across Your Entire IT Landscape

Today’s IT organizations are faced with the challenge of integrating new technology into their infrastructure while continuing to support all of their legacy needs. Business technology stacks have become more complex, diverse, and difficult to control than ever before. Netreo IT Infrastructure Monitoring Platform, provides a platform that gives organizations a unified, single source of truth view into their entire IT infrastructure — regardless of size, footprint or complexity.

Intelligent Alerts

Netreo’s smart handling of application failure detection allows you to automatically re-test failed services to suppress false alarms easily and automatically.

Single Source of Truth

Netreo IT Infrastructure Monitoring Platform, consolidates multiple tools into one platform, is easily customizable, needs no complex infrastructure, and has little to no care and feeding costs.


Automatic topology detection allows organizations to visualize the current topological configuration of their network without having to manually layout maps for every location.

2-Minute Overview Video

Get a sneak peek of the Netreo platform with Netreo Co-founder and Vice President of Solutions Architecture James Mancini in this 2-minute overview.



Mission-critical tasks can’t wait. But when you spend all of your time in a reactionary fire-fighting mode, you sacrifice efficiency and sustainability just keeping the lights on. This hurts long-term business operations. With Netreo, you can intelligently automate mission-critical tasks like outage reports, root-cause analysis, and mapping to help you keep your eyes off your dashboards and instead on the future of your organization.


Automated Reporting

Netreo’s reporting engine is meant to be self-contained and has full automation capabilities. We provide statistics from virtually any device on your network: Bandwidth. Errors. CPU. Memory. Disc. You name it. We use automated reports to turn performance into usable statistical data or information to assist IT managers, engineers, and anyone else in the business or IT decision-making process.

These reports can include multi-year tables, graphs, pie charts and more. And because Netreo stores three years of historical trending data by default, you get instant access to trends and comparative long-term historical analysis.

Intelligent Alerts

Make Sure Those Red and Yellow Alerts Really Mean Something

The longer your network monitoring system dashboard is lit up in red and yellow without consequence, the less the alerts will mean to you. Netreo’s smart handling of application failure detection allows you to automatically test and re-test failed services to suppress false alarms easily and efficiently. Any given service can be retested any number of times before notifications are sent, and if the problem is caused by connectivity or host issues, the alerts can be suppressed automatically.

Reporting and Analytics

Seamless Enterprise Monitoring and Data Collection

Netreo requires no agents. Instead it uses standards-based or vendor-specific technologies and APIs to collect, monitor, analyze, and report on all the IT resources in your infrastructure. Netreo is designed to be transparent to the user and administrators of the system, allowing for seamless monitoring of any network-connected device or application, whether hosted locally, or in a private or public cloud environment.

Single Pane of Glass

Single Pane of Glass: Myth or Reality?

According to Whatis.Com, a single pane of glass is a concept that describes “a management console that presents data from multiple sources in a unified way,” where the glass belongs to a computer’s monitor or a mobile device’s screen. Network and systems management companies have been talking about this single pane of glass for as long as there has been networks and systems. It’s always been both interesting and problematical to bring together management and monitoring data from multiple systems and sources under a single purview. In fact, the single pane of glass has long served as something of a Holy Grail for systems and network management vendors and their customers. But while it has mythic qualities, it is also as real as current tools and technology can make it.

Network Monitoring Application

Network Monitoring Application – View Your Entire IT Landscape in the Palm of Your Hand

Given information technology’s role in most organizations, systems and network administrators are under relentless pressure. IT resources must be up and running and healthy at all hours of the day, every day of the year. It’s no longer sufficient to rely solely on a workstation-based user interface to get visibility into your infrastructure. The Netreo mobile application acts as an extension of your monitoring platform, giving you the insight you need no matter where you’re located. There are no VPNs to manage nor extra secure servers to install. Just click a button to enable the feature and you’ve got a view of your whole environment at your fingertips.