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Xylex (Xylex Technologies, LLC) is a limited liability corporation registered in the state of Georgia with headquarters in Atlanta. We have been in the distribution/wholesale business since 1998. We are a value-added specialty shop provider of cutting-edge high technology brands and solutions in malware response, data leak prevention, network security, network traffic monitoring and management, workload automation, and ITSM (IT Service Management). We target small, medium, and enterprise businesses in all verticals. Our core values and mindset set us apart from the rest of our competitors by rendering integrity, honesty, professionalism, expertise, humbleness, and trust in the services we proffer.


Throughout the technology supply chain, logistics, and through a network of distribution of software and hardware, we contribute by joining our channel partners in Latin America and the Caribbean by providing them with expertise and enablement timetables loacally or remotely, thus giving them the tools necessary to succeed in their efforts to position and brand the vendors we represent. We aim to provide complete import/export wholesaling and consultation as a value-added distributor of state-of-the-art category-leading solutions. This includes import/export brokerage, purchase contracts, shipping and handling, warehousing, and delivery scheduling. We initially concentrate on domestic exports from the United States to the unique emerging markets of Latin America.


It is our long-term goal to become the preferred VAD for the unique Latin American and the Caribbean emerging markets. We, at Xylex Technologies, understand that the channel partners who are importing our software and hardware to their respective countries have special most unique financial and technical needs. We also understands that the newly launched products of high technology vendors fund initiative indeed have higher costs than most competitors having much larger market share in the region and will need to export their products at a cost that provides sufficient profit.

 We have a combined 20 years of experience working in the distribution business of innovative leading technology Vendors. Our philosophy is in creating a long-term relationship with channel partners so that the delivery of their software, hardware products and services becomes a seamless experience that promotes loyalty and integrity.

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